Kimberly Kersey Asbury

Kimberly Kersey Asbury is a painter and mixed media artist with a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA from Boston University. She is a Fulbright grant recipient in the arts and is Assistant Professor of Art and Design at Saint Anselm College in NH.

[PHOTO CREDIT: Matthew Lomanno]



About the Landscape Series:  Powered Pigment, Wax, Paint, Thread, Stuffing on Canvas, Paper, and/or Fabric. The landscapes along with the hand-stitched artist books are inspired by William Turner’s watercolor sketchbooks.

About the SUBTERFUGE Series:  This series of photographic works is a glimpse into a broader process – pointing to a larger body of work comprised of mixed media materials, such as powdered pigments, plaster, wax, and porcelain clay. These materials are not only reminiscent of traditional artistic processes but carry with them their own familiar, visceral qualities.  In these works attention is turned to the implications of war – the romantic, heroic and the tragic – as conjured from vintage toy WWII army men.

About whitewashed & Stitched Portraits:  The stitched self-portraits and the plaster-covered toys are a meditation on the act of blanching, ‘whitewashing’, or infinitely erasing in an effort to ‘correct’. The source of the whitewashing isn’t necessarily the self trying to forget what’s been difficult.  Social pressures to blend in, to “tone down” elements of who we are, to fit in, to conform, perpetuate this occurrence… Leading to a sense of desolation, devastation of self, of color/life blood, which only care (belief, persistence) stitches back into existence.


To see more work, including paintings and drawings, go to: http://www.kka-portfolio.com